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Preaching Sticky Sermons

The Book: Preaching Sticky Sermons

We set out to create the most practical book on preaching that has ever been written. Pastors from all over the world have benefited from this practical guide to preparing, writing, and delivering memorable sermons.

If you want your next sermon to stick, this book is going to give you the tools to do so every week.​

The Notebook: Sticky Sermons Notebook

No longer do you need to piece your prep together across notebooks, apps, or word processors. Now, you can get your prep work done in one place so that when it comes time to manuscripting your message or creating your preaching notes, you know where to go with the message.

​This is the tool that you’ve been missing in your sermon prep. There is no other resource like it on the market. It takes the principles in our book, Preaching Sticky Sermons and gives you a tool to put it into practice.